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My expertise currently is with accessibility found on PC and Laptop platforms, Tablets and the Kindle E-reader. Nevertheless, no doubt I will purchase and learn about other platforms in the future.

Such as phones (I still use an LG which I bought in 2004, still keeps a charge and has driving mode, voice activated time, voice mail, digit dial and contacts) which was not intended to be blind accessible, but, rather a hands-off device while driving. Little did LG know! For, it has served me as an accessible phone for twelve years.
Plus other tablets running android OS. And, the newest model Raspberry Pi! There are also the newest appliances offered by Google such as the ChromeBook and ChromeBox. Not to mention screenless computers-on-a-stick running Windows and Linus.
For now, check out the sub-links on category content that I use and tested thoroughly!

William Brandes the owner of William Brandes Consulting, Tiffin, Ohio with twenty years experience in website design, server-hosting, online marketing, and, lives with his wife Pam and two adult children. William is a power user of adative technology, enjoying reading (Kindle/Windows tablet/VR Stream), playing guitar and golf in his spare time. How does your website rate, especially when it comes to accessibility? For William digital technology isn't an option, it's an essential part of the accessible world!

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