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Welcome. One Blind Guy

Total rework! Coming soon! But, for now, just a little stuff. I play a Fender Tele-Squire (bought in 2010) which, I believe, was produced in South Korea. It has good feel, and, has stood up well over the past six years. This guitar, I bought, along with the three amps I own from Sweetwater Sound, a great company with a super online resource! I have two small amps, a Peavy and Fender, but, play mostly from the Peavy because, I believe, it gives the most potential from my Zoom G-2 effects pedal. The other amp is a really nice Vox portable amp, that is both wall and battery powered! I also own a Taylor pint_size (tenor) acoustic guitar that I doodle around with. But, mostly cranck up the electric!