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Total rework! Coming soon! But, here is a start. I recorded church worship (weekly for seven years). Most of that recorded worship was in audio sans video. The reason? If your audio isn't up-to-snuff then no matter how great the video visitors will not stick. All of my audio was recorded, then edited and uploaded to a server and linked afterward. More importantly, I didn't pull the recording from a sound system. Rather I recorded with a small recorder that clipped to the lapel of the pastor. Although, I also ran another recorder separately as both back-up and secondary resource. Finally, I used the editing software Audacity to edit the full worship into a compact and pleasant final cut. Because the editing software is free-open-source and the recorders are low-cost, any church that is willing can do this. It isn't rocket science. Naturally, digital recording has ramped-up, but, I believe my primary aims still are important. Today, there are many churches providing great live worship. In other words, you can be in the room just as the brick-and-mortar folks are participating! That is really revolutionary. However, it requires planning, not just proper hardware and software, too! Additionally, the churches that do this best have stellar audio and very accomplished individuals running the mixer/sound-board. This is a ministry. People take pride in their work. And, it shows!

For a glimse of the type of recording quality I provided over those seven years, tap, and, listen to the following link. March 15, 2015. Pastor Pam Easterday. Worship.