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Welcome. One Blind Guy

Welcome. One Blind Guy

Total rework! Coming soon! But, let me clue you on of my latest websites! Check out Touch Church. In Your Pocket. The site offers links to online (live) streams to progressive Christian congregations with hints and more information on how to best view.

Second, I am working a new blog accessibility website of which the admin editor is completely accessible! Check out my newest articles about the Amazon Fire tablet on out-of-the-box without sighted assistance and Alexa basics! See at William Brandes Consulting Blog.
Third, the following link is to a Youtube video which I suggested and the author was gracious enough to put together on an unboxing of the new $79. Kindle 8th generation ereader. The 14 minute video gives the listener directions on how to get this Kindle to pair with a bluetooth speaker and voice without any sighted help. The new Kindle is amazing and this video/audio is proof of the pudding! Enjoy The Kindle 8th generation ereader voice view tutorial.

Listen to Rev. @JohnCDorhauer's first podcast of the new year!

— UCC (@unitedchurch) January 4, 2017

William Brandes the owner of William Brandes Consulting, Tiffin, Ohio with twenty years experience in website design, server-hosting, online marketing, and, lives with his wife Pam and two adult children. William is a power user of adative technology, enjoying reading (Kindle/Windows tablet/VR Stream), playing guitar and golf in his spare time. How does your website rate, especially when it comes to accessibility? For William digital technology isn't an option, it's an essential part of the accessible world!

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